Couple charged after horse is tied and dragged behind moving truck


Warning, the video above may be upsetting to some viewers.

(KCNC/CNN/WIAT) — Prosecutors in Colorado have filed charges after a video surfaced showing a horse, named Trigger, was tied to the back of a truck and dragged down a snow-covered road.  Video of the incident sparked outrage when it was posted on Facebook.

The owners, John Saldate and Amber Saldate, are both facing a charge of animal cruelty.

“It was very disturbing, I got very sick to my stomach,” a resident said.

“You make one bad decision sometimes and it can destroy your life,” said Amber Saldate.

The woman heard yelling at the horse says she now realizes the horrible mistake they made.

“I’ve lost my job, upset a lot of people and I made our horse go through something he shouldn’t have and it was wrong,” Amber Saldate said.

She spoke to a KCNC reporter off-camera as Grand County Sheriff’s Office investigators and animal welfare experts stand watch at the bottom of her driveway.

“I don’t believe they should have horses if that’s how they’re going to treat them it’s not appropriate it’s not how you train a horse,” a resident told KCNC.

Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin said, “Cases involving kids and animals are obviously very emotional. We need to do our part of the investigation which sometimes takes a little bit longer than what the community is hoping.”

Trigger is a new addition to another family and they say the horse gave his past owner problems so they got a good deal on him.

“I’m very sorry. And I get that people are upset and I understand that,” Amber Saldate said.

Now Trigger is going to an animal rescue center to be looked over by veterinary staff.

“It was so stupid I don’t know why we did it. I don’t know,” Amber Saldate

According to local media, The Grand County Sheriff’s Office took possession of the horse.

Authorities did not take the couple’s two other horses.


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