ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — Robertsdale High School was on lockdown Tuesday morning with entrances and exits to the campus blocked by law enforcement after receiving a call from a person threatening to “shoot up” the school.

A phone call just after classes started for the day threatened to “shoot up” the school. That triggered a hard lockdown that was later softened about an hour later while investigators made sure everyone was safe.

“Even though it’s a soft lockdown, students can move around, academics going on in class,” Superintendent Eddie Tyler said.

Tyler added events like this shutdown a school until it is resolved.

During the lockdown, parents like Magan Keith were on edge.

“I’m just kind of nervous,” Keith said. “I just want to get him out of school even if it’s just a joke that a kid is playing.”

Outside, Keith texted her son who just started 9th grade a couple of weeks ago.

“He said he seen a sheriff with an assault rifle an A-R and that’s all he seen,” Keith said. “He said they wouldn’t let them leave out the classroom.”

Just after noon, the all-clear was given, and the threat was unsubstantiated.

“When you wake up to a phone call like that whether it’s a joke or not; it’s very nerve-wracking,” Keith said. “It makes you just want to come get your kids.”

A handful of parents tried to do just that. However, Tyler said the school was the safest place for students and staff during an event like this and parents trying to get to their kids can hinder more than it helps.

Tyler was grateful for the quick action of law enforcement.

“They were all over this,” he said. “They secured our perimeter; Sheriff’s department was here with their intel group. There has been tracking but nothing local. It appears to be from out of the state.”