California Grandmother scammed out of $10K by fake lawyer


LOS ANGELES (CNN) — For most grandparents, they’d do anything to help out their grandkids. Barbara McCullough is no different.

When her grandson called her crying, begging for bail money, she thought she was coming to his rescue. But she later found out, she was actually getting ripped off.

Barbara’s grandson is a college student in the Bay Area. The voice on the line was convincing.

“It sounded like him. How many times have you heard that story? It sounds just like your grandson. I said, how are you and everything. And I said, you know it really doesn’t sound like you but he said I have a horrible cold. Then he started crying,” McCullough said.

The man claiming to be her grandson passed the phone to another man claiming to be a lawyer who said her grandson hit a prominent politician with his car, was arrested, and needed $10,000 in bail money.

“I went down to the bank and withdrew 10-thousand dollars out,” McCullough said.

A short time later, a man shows up to collect the cash. Turns out her grandson never called her and was not arrested. The thieves played on Barbara’s good heart and love for her family.

“I heard him crying and I felt flattered that he even called me. Well, he called me. He didn’t want to upset his parents, that’s what I thought.”

Barbara is hoping someone recognizes him and brings him to justice.


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