WASHINGTON (WXIN) — Two companies are recalling their honey products after the FDA sent out a warning about selling products with undisclosed Viagra and Cialis.

Both Viagra and Cialis are FDA-approved drugs to treat men with erectile dysfunction but are restricted for use under the supervision of licensed health care professionals. Both recalls come from companies that the FDA sent warning letters to.

The latest recall comes from MKS Enterprise LLC. On Monday, the company announced that it is recalling its Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey product. The recall was initiated after FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that the product contains the undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredient Tadalafil. This is the active ingredient in Cialis.

The product was sold nationwide through the company’s website from March 2022 to July 2022. It came in a black box with 12 sachets of 15 grams of honey.

On July 13, Shopaax.com recalled its Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP. That recall was initiated after FDA laboratory analysis confirmed the product contained Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

The product came in a golden box and contains 12 sachets of 20 grams of honey with different expiration dates stamped on the backside. It was promoted and sold for sexual enhancement on various websites and possibly in some retail stores.

The company said it stopped selling the product online and temporarily removed all other products on the website pending investigation. However, it may still be available on other websites and retail stores.

The FDA said it is finding an increasing number of illegally-marketed, adulterated honey-based or honey-flavored syrup products that test positive for active drug ingredients not listed on the label. This causes issues for people on medication for diabetes, as well as for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease.

“Products marketed with unidentified ingredients may be dangerous and, in some cases, deadly to consumers,” said McMeekin. We encourage consumers to remain vigilant when shopping online or in stores to avoid purchasing products that put their health at risk, and instead seek effective, FDA-approved treatments.”

Anyone who bought Vital Honey is urged to immediately discontinue use and return the recalled product for a full refund to MKS Enterprise, LLC, 59 Paulison Ave. Passaic, NJ 07055. Those with questions about the Vital Honey recall can contact wholesaleonline1.com at 201-206-0501 Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EDT).

Anyone who bought Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP is urged to immediately discontinue use and return recalled product for a full refund to Shopaax.com, 2 Burleigh Court A5, Newark, DE 19702. Those with questions about the Kingdom Honey recall can contact Shopaax.com at 302-276-4406 Monday to Friday From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT).