Movie filming in Birmingham wraps Saturday

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Saturday is the last day of filming for the movie Live in downtown Birmingham. The cast and crew have been shooting scenes around the city for five weeks.

The scenes shot on Richard Arrington Jr Blvd Friday drew a crowd, despite the closed set.

Producer Craig Chapman said he’s grateful to the city of Birmingham and the people who live there for being so welcoming and helping him make the action-packed thriller on the streets of the city.

“A lot of this movie was shot in the streets and so it required a municipality to get behind us and really support that agenda and you know the city of Birmingham has absolutely done that,” said Chapman.

Chapman said he’s especially thankful to Mayor Randall Woodfin’s office and the Birmingham Police and Fire Departments for helping keep them safe during filming.

He said he’s filmed all over the world, and he’d never been to Birmingham. However, the city has made an impression on him and he hopes to bring more films to the city in the future.

“Birmingham has everything that you could ever want as far as a filming location is concerned. I mean it definitely has the urban center and it can match itself for any east coast city that I can tell. That I can think of. And it also has the Suburban surroundings and the trees. So you know there’s a lot of Versatility in what you can shoot and how you can shoot it here and so it’s a nice canvas to paint on,” said Chapman.

The film is expected to premiere sometime in 2019.

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