Mosquitoes, snakes and termites: pest season is here


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Spring has arrived, which means warm weather is on the way. But that brings bugs, and one pest control expert says the conditions are right to create a banner year for mosquitoes. 

“We’ve had so much rain, so much rain on the ground, we’ve had spells of warm weather,” American Pest Control general manager Jeff Phillips said. “We’ve already seen some mosquitoes emerging.”

It’s also termite season, and stinging insects like hornets, bees and wasps will come out soon. So Phillips says it’s important to protect your home to prevent them from getting in. You can start by cleaning up your yard and eliminating standing water.

“Minimizing those areas, creating a non-clutter zone where you don’t have firewood and fire piles and things that kind of need to be policed up – this certainly will help give you a better pest-free environment,” he said.

Pest control companies like his can provide assistance, but he says you also can apply general insecticides yourself. And anything you can do to create a barrier outside your home is helpful.

But insects aren’t the only concern with warm weather; it also brings out snakes. Beth Wingate’s son found one just outside the doorstep to the family’s home in Springville following a flash flood last week. It wasn’t venomous, so her husband picked it up and returned it to the woods. But she tells CBS 42 that snakes aren’t unusual around her home since woods are nearby. They come out during warm weather months, so she and her husband won’t allow their kids to enter the woods unless there are no leaves on the trees and it’s cold outside. Wingate says they also try to avoid standing water. 

Phillips says it’s also wise to try to eliminate snakes’ food sources, like mice and other small creatures.

“They’re not leaving until that’s gone,” he said. “So a lot of times if we remove that food source and the harborage and other kinds of conducive conditions, we minimize our exposure.”

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