Mom and daughter donate together after blood saved their lives

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.

One young woman gave blood on Friday, June 24 for the very first time at Bonfils Blood Center. Side by side with her mom, she braved the painful prick – but this donation is extra special.

“I’m a little in shock like I’m actually doing this,” said Shantae Reed. “It’s exciting and I’m glad to have been doing this because now I know I’m going to save somebody’s life.”

Her mom, Ladonna Reed said, “This was a wonderful experience to share with my daughter. I’ve been donating blood for many years and we’ve always talked about her giving back.”

The reason is because 17 years ago, it was this mom and daughter who were desperate for blood.

“I went through a very sad time when I was pregnant at 22 weeks and I was told that I would lose my baby because the baby wasn’t making red blood cells,” said LaDonna.

Doctors performed four intra-uteral blood transfusions through the umbilical cord, ultimately saving both of their lives.

LaDonna said, “I always think back to wonder who that person was but I’ve always been blessed that they took the time to donate blood and help save my baby’s life and now I get to watch all these milestones she has.”

Now, they’re both as healthy as can be. Shantae is even following in LaDonna’s footsteps as an incredible athlete. Mom does track and field while daughter plays rugby and is the number-one ranked lacrosse goalie in Colorado.

Shantae said, “I had a blood donation that saved my life and so I feel it’s really important to give back because I wouldn’t be here if somebody hadn’t taken the time to do this.”

Sitting side by side along with little sis Jolay, all they could do was smile and think about the donors who sat in those chairs 17 years ago, giving them both the gift of life.

Ladonna has been working as an advocate and speaker for Bonfils since the early 2000s. Bonfils operates 7 community donor centers and up to 10 blood drives daily, all around Colorado.

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