Molar Minute: Local Pediatric Dentist cautions against chewy Halloween Candy


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Now that your child has had their fill of sugary Halloween candy, it is time to think about their dental health. Pediatric dentist, Dr. Angelica Rohner shares information that will help you navigate this very sweet time.

“Any time of year is a good opportunity to teach your kids about brushing or flossing, but I think this time of year is especially good because of all the candy around. Kids associate sugar and candy with getting cavities. It’s the perfect time of year to talk about brushing and flossing,” said Dr. Rohner.

While their Halloween buckets are still overflowing, Dr. Rohner recommends sorting all of the candy with your child.

“Of course, take out anything that’s been opened or tampered with. Then take out anything that’s really sticky and pulley and you could maybe see sticking to your child’s teeth 20-minutes later. That’s all bad for teeth,” Dr. Rohner said.

Dr. Rohner says that chocolate candy will melt off teeth pretty quickly, and is not as bad for tooth enamel.

“As long as you’re eating it with a meal and you’re salivating and have that natural mouth rinse, that’s ok. But any candy that sticks 20 minutes later is not good,” said Dr. Rohner.

Once you have removed the taffies and caramels from your child’s bucket, put the remaining candy somewhere that cannot be easily accessed.

“Then just let your children have two or three pieces once a day for a dessert or a treat. After a week or two, set a limit on it and just get rid of that candy,” Dr. Rohner said.

Check with your local pediatric dentist to see if they have a candy buyback program, or donate remaining candy to a local charity.

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