Mobile bridge project divides Alabama state leaders


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The fallout continues about the proposed Mobile River Bridge Project between those who feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for the project and those who feel it is a necessity in the community.

For the past two decades, serious efforts have been underway to build a new bridge along Intestate 10 in Mobile.

“It’s essential for our commerce to grow for efficiency and certainly for public safety,” Gov. Kay Ivey said. 

Most people agree the bridge is necessary, but paying for the bridge is creating a rift. The proposal charge for the toll could be up to $6, but many believe that it is too expensive. 

“For the last month I followed the proposed toll on the Bayway bridge project and I believe it violates every conservative principle and belief that I hold,” Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth said. 

Lt. Gov. Ainsworth released a video saying he will vote no on the project. Ainsworth is a member of the nine-person toll bridge authority.

State Treasurer and Mobile native John McMillan says the bridge is needed and will help with travel throughout the state.

“By the time they get the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach to have a vacation, they so mad they can’t enjoy themselves,” McMillan said.

The opposition is growing for the bridge project thousands have joined a Facebook group called “Block the Mobile Bayway Toll.” McMillan calls this premature.

“I think folks need to have a little reason and little logic and a little bit of understanding of what’s going on because I know they don’t have the facts,” McMillan said. 

Ivey has set up a public hearing for Oct. 7 in Montgomery on the bridge project. 

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