HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — A Hoover woman searching for her missing daughter is speaking out for the first time. Her daughter is 26-year-old Angela Roberts.

Hoover police released a picture of Roberts, who’s been missing since late June. Ginger Jones said she is sharing Angela’s story for two reason – to find her daughter and to let other families know they are not alone in this kind of heartbreak.

Angela had just left addiction treatment. The Hoover Police Department and her family suspect she may have headed to the Woodlawn area. Jones said her daughter has been gone before, but never this long without contact.

“Well Angela is struggling with addiction, we know that,” Ginger Jones said. “But again, it’s just not like her to not be in touch with somebody. She even has groups of friends in that area that say Angela always pops up. Pops in for a shower or for food or something. And she’s not even contacting them. And those are her safe places.”

Jones says she rides up and down 1st Ave in Woodlawn every other night, hoping to see her at a gas station or walking on the road.  Angela’s struggle is like so many others, and Jones says her heart hurts for those families, too.

“I’m so, so sorry. It’s heartbreaking to watch a child, a family member, a spouse, anyone, a friend. It’s so hard to watch,” Ginger said. “It’s just constant worry. The fear of are you gonna get a phone call? Has anyone seen her? Yes, I miss her and I just want to know that she’s ok.”

Jones says she will never stop looking for her daughter, who is also the mother of two. Family and friends will be in Woodlawn Saturday to hand out pictures of Angela.

Angela Michelle Roberts, 26, was last seen getting into a taxi or other rideshare service on Old Tyler Road on either June 25 or 26, according to HPD. It is unknown where she was headed to.

Roberts is described as being 5-foot-2 and weighing 109 pounds with green eyes and blonde hair.

Anyone with information on where Angela Roberts may be is asked to call the Hoover Police Department at 205-822-5300 or Hoover Detective Drew Mims at 205-739-7274.