BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The disappearance of Kierra Stubbs has become a cold case.

Then 23, the young mother of two was last seen on April 24, 2014.  On that day she arrived at a now closed Boost Mobile store on Third Avenue West in Birmingham to meet a man who was supposed to repair the brakes on her car.

“I didn’t know him personally, but Kierra knew him from coming up to her job,” Kierra’s grandmother Ora Stubbs said. “From what Kierra said he seemed liked a nice person, and he needed someone to help with his kids hair and stuff, and she was like yeah I got a daughter I can do their hair.  He seemed nice at the time.”

Although Kierra Stubbs knew the man, her grandmother said, “he wasn’t a boyfriend or nothing like that.  It’s just somebody she thought was an older guy who was nice.  She was helping him, and he would return the favor by doing her car.  And she went with him to meet him that day.”

Birmingham Police said that man is a person of interest.  But Detective Rodney Rogers who is one of the original investigators in Kierra Stubbs disappearance said they have not publicly released  the person of interest’s name.

Rogers said, “that’s mainly because she got into this car with this person only. So its no witnesses to say what happened in the car, where did they go or anything like that.  So that’s why we need the public to go back to that day and see if they remember anything or saw anything, saw them go anywhere something that could give us a lead or somewhere to start.”  

The status of the investigation has been a source of frustration for the family of Kierra Stubbs.  “I just wish the police were more involved from the start.  If they had been more involved from the start we might have could have gotten some answers and some closure.  How can y’all just sweep this under the rug?”

Detective Rodney Rogers, who is no longer investigating this case said, “We haven’t forgotten.  The Birmingham Police Department has still been working on the case.  We are still trying to get new leads.  I just want to let them know we are still looking at even though I’m not working on the case our cold case detective….is very capable.  He’s looking at it, and we’re not going to stop until we get some closure.

Homicide Detective Jonathan Ross just got the case a few months ago as a cold case.  He said, “I have to have a lot of patience at this point and I know it’s tough on the family to  wait this long or even longer.  But my job is just to sit back and wait until someone notifies me either by phone or come into the headquarters to talk or hitting us on  Facebook or going through crime stoppers.  It doesn’t matter as long as I can get that input from somebody, because somebody saw something. They may not remember it that particular day, but since we’re airing it again it may jog their memory and that could help us on this case. Especially for the family.”

Ora Stubbs said, “it’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around what happened.  I don’t want to say he killed her. I just want to have faith to say maybe he’s holding her somewhere or maybe he sold her.”

Kierra Stubbs was last seen heading towards Bessemer on the Third Avenue West near Princeton Parkway. Detective Rodney Rogers said, “the public can help us by remembering that day.  If they saw Ms. Stubbs, she got into a Burgundy Chrysler 200.  If anyone remembers her with a black gentleman older possibly in his fifties, if anyone remembers seeing them together that would help us out.”

If you can help find Kierra Stubbs, call Birmingham Police Detective Jonathan Ross at 205-254-1764 or 205-504-0008.