Man taken to hospital after running naked, stopping cars through upscale neighborhood


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There were anxious moments Friday morning in Belle Meade after a naked man was taken into custody at gunpoint.

It happened around 11:30 a.m. when a police car pulled into the station with a naked man in the backseat.

The 32-year-old man appeared to get agitated and Investigator Tom Sexton brought out paper clothes to cover him while he was transported inside.

The man was reportedly unruly, slamming his fist against the glass.

Investigator Sexton opened the door and subdued the suspect, and while he was on the ground he reportedly made little sense while speaking.

Man: I could knee you in the face and put your eye out.Officer : I understand.Man: Oh my god. There’s no way in hellOfficer: What’s that? How can I help you?Man: There are birds in the sky. My heel in your eye.Man: I’m not an artist anymore.

After a few moments, officers helped escort the Belle Meade resident into the police station, but before entering, he reportedly lunged at a man holding the door.

That man was a Public Works employee who told News 2 that minutes earlier the naked man was in the street banging on the window of his city truck.

Police say it happened on Glen Eden Road when the man drove his Range Rover into another car. Investigators say it was a slow-speed collision and nobody was hurt.

The naked man reportedly left the scene, driving into a yard where he wedged his Range Rover against a tree.

That’s when police say the naked man took off running, and witnesses reported him grabbing their cars in the road and not allowing them to drive.

Ultimately, police were forced to pull their weapons on the man believed to be carrying a hammer. It turns out it was really a grill cleaner.

At this time, the man has not been charged and no one is pressing charges. He was sent to Vanderbilt University for a medical evaluation.

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