Man shot driving on Birmingham interstate released from hospital


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A father and husband who was shot in the head while driving on interstate 59 in Birmingham last weekend is now home resting after being released from the hospital Sunday.

Marcus Mauldin and his wife Dakoda were driving home to see their children when they heard what sounded like an explosion.

“Glass just shattered everywhere, knocked my glasses off, went down to pick them up and noticed I was just covered in blood from head to toe,” said Dakoda Mauldin.

Dakoda Mauldin said she could see the bullet in her husband’s forehead. Someone in a dark colored vehicle fired shots at random, according to Birmingham Police.

“He told me over and over, baby I’ve got my foot on the brake, I need you to put the car in park. He is still conscious at this time,” said Mauldin.

An ambulance carrying a non-critical patient stopped to help the Mauldins. Dakoda remained by her husband’s side at UAB hospital as he took steps towards his recovery and release.
The ride home Sunday on the interstate was full of emotions.

“I had a nervous breakdown when we got on 65 today, every time somebody slammed on their breaks, I stopped breathing,” said Dakoda Mauldin.

The family returned to a special homecoming. The children they’ve been away from greeted them with a sign and a smile.

“They were just so happy that their daddy got home, pushed them on the swing, and I just kept looking thinking, how did this not go the other way?” Mauldin said.

Dakoda Mauldin called her husband a miracle. Perhaps that makes the paramedics who stopped to help her angels.

“I owe them everything, literally I owe them my husband because as I’ve gotten to sit and think about it, had they not showed up when they showed up, I think this would have went totally different,” said Mauldin.

There is still a long road ahead for Marcus Mauldin. For now, Dakoda is just happy her family is back together 8 days after what she described as a nightmare that she hopes is coming to an end.

“He got home and he pushed the kids on the swing and they got to tell him about their whole week at school because we missed all that,” said Mauldin.

Mauldin thanked the community for support and the medical staff at UAB who helped her husband. 

For the Mauldin children, Dakoda said she hopes the incident shows the power of prayer and faith. 

“They’ll never have to wonder in their hardest times in life growing up if God’s ever around or if he is listening, all they have to do is look to their daddy,” said Mauldin.

Neighbors are coming together for the family and have started a GoFundMe here.

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