Looting cases being investigated by Pickensville police


PICKENSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)-Two weeks ago the town of Pickensville was hard hit by flooding.
Now that homeowners are cleaning up, police are investigating some cases of looting at homes
that were flooded.

Mayor Donald Sherrod says looting will not be tolerated.  He says police officers are stepping up patrols to keep a lookout for criminals.

“And my message to the looters is stay out of Pickensville. We’ve had some instances where we have had some looting in Pickensville.  In some of the neighborhoods here but we are not going to tolerate that.  My police chief is patrolling constantly making sure that does not happen” Sherrod said.

Mayor Sherrod says residents should not be alarmed, but if they see anything suspicious they should call Pickensville police.

“My message to the people who are doing it is to stop, and they are caught looting they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

The Mayor says he expects FEMA officials to visit Pickensville in the near future to take a look at the damage.  Sherrod is hoping FEMA will be able to provide much-needed assistance to flood victims. 

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