(WIAT) — Due to social distancing and COVID-19 health guidelines, Logan’s Roadhouse decided to temporarily close all 261 of its restaurants until further notice. In addition to the stores closing, all of Logan’s furloughed employees have been terminated.

According to Restaurant Business Online, the debtor-in-possession withdrew financing because of the “unprecedented” outbreak of COVID-19. The chain restaurant owners, ‘Craftworks’ say they intend to re-open its Logan’s locations but are still unsure.

“The debtors hope that they will be able to restart their operations at some point in the future, but there are many preconditions to a restart, including the obtaining of financing, the hiring of staff, and the ability to create a coherent and profitable business plan.”

Craftworks, court filing

To read more, visit Restaurant Business Online. For more details on the chain owners, visit Craftworks.