Woman found not guilty in 2016 death of truck driver in Tuscaloosa

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa County jury has found a woman not guilty in the death of a tow truck driver in 2016.

On Friday, the jury acquitted Sheridan Temms of criminally negligent homicide in the death of tow truck driver John Hubbard, 25, of Bessemer, who was killed on December 10, 2016 when he was struck by Temms’ car as he was working to help another driver on the side of I-20/59 in Tuscaloosa County.

Prosecutors say Temms was driving 90 miles per hour when she collided with a parked car that struck and killed Hubbard.

Defense attorney Josh Swords says the jury did the right thing by finding his client, Temms, not guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

“Absolutely satisfied and grateful and thankful to the jury and their resolve to find Ms. Temms not guilty,” Sword said. “It was a difficult case with family members on both sides. Anytime there is a loss of life it’s a serious thing to be handling.”

John Hubbard’s brother, Jason, says he is disappointed. 

“It’s frustration, I am very angry and agitated,” Hubbard said.  

Although Jason Hubbard didn’t get the verdict he wanted, he tells CBS 42 he wants to carry his brother’s legacy forward. He says his brother’s death started a movement for a slow down move over awareness.

Every December, tow truck drivers get together to pay tribute to John Hubbard.

“If I see the blue lights and red lights or even if it’s somebody walking down the side of the road, you need to slow down and move over. Over the past three years, there’s been several people from my family and others from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa area even as far as Louisiana that have come to gather once a year to do a memorial ride to spread awareness to this law”.

Josh Swords says his heart goes out to the Hubbard family, but he believes the court did the right thing Friday.

“We were so confident in our client Ms. Temms that she did the right thing and didn’t do anything as far as causing a criminally negligent homicide on her actions. We welcomed the facts and were able to demonstrate for our side from what we thought she did as far as being nothing criminal to the jury.”


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