BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Denise Scott calls August 18 “the day my world shattered.”

Jasiah Scott (Courtesy of Scott Family)

That day, her 14-year-old son Jasiah Scott was killed when a car struck the go-kart he was riding in Midfield.

Now, Denise Scott has released a video showing the moments after the crash when other children came to tell her about the accident and bring her to the scene. She said she released the video because she wants the public to see “how my world got shattered.”

“What happened?” She can be heard asking.

The children in the video are emotional, clearly disturbed by what they’ve witnessed, and are begging her to follow them.

“You the little dude’s mama?” One child asks frantically. “It hit him,” he says. “Come on! Hurry up, ma’am.”

“He’s bleeding,” the child later said.

One of Jasiah’s brothers, Jacorey, said watching the video was difficult for him.

The go-kart Jasiah was riding when he was struck by a vehicle and killed. (Courtesy Jacorey Scott)

“Honestly, no, I’m not okay,” he said. “This is my very first time watching this video, and this is killing me. Hearing my mom screaming ‘Where is my baby,’ ‘What happened to my baby’ is a pain killer and it’s killing me on the inside. I miss my little brother every damn second, and I just want my little brother Jasiah to just wake up and come home.”

Jacorey recently paid tribute to his brother on Facebook.

“Your older brother misses you so much that it’s really going to be hard for me to live without you, little brother,” he said.

On the last day of August, Denise Scott sat on her porch and wept.

“I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,” she said. “I just wanna see you so bad. I wish you was here with me right now. I just to see you play basketball. I wanna hear the basketball bounce up and down. You wouldn’t care if it was raining. You’d be out there playing.”

Scott’s family has been outspoken about their desire for charges to be filed against the driver who struck Jasiah. On the day of the accident, police said that the driver was cooperating with the investigation. On Wednesday, an official with the Midfield Police Department said they had no ongoing investigation into the incident.

Just after Jasiah’s death, Jacorey expressed his love for his late brother.

“One thing I can say is you was loved not by one family not by two families, but mostly all of Birmingham knew who you was and loved you,” he said. “Everybody knew Jasiah Scott or Fattyman. You are loved by all but nobody loves you more than family and, your family is going to miss you the most. You always loved playing basketball, and you always loved playing outside with your friends. I’m gonna love and miss you forever. We all will love and miss you forever. This isn’t going to be goodbye, Fattyman. It’s never goodbye. This is a ‘I’ll see you later, little brother.'”