(NEXSTAR) — If you grew up in Texas (or the south, in general) in the 1990s, you’re no stranger to tasting the rainbow — Blue Bell’s rainbow, that is. But it’s likely been a while since you’ve seen Blue Bell Rainbow Freeze popsicles pop up in an ice cream freezer.

So just whatever happened to the multi-colored childhood favorite?

“Our Rainbow Freeze bar is certainly an iconic ‘throwback’ product of ours,” a Blue Bell representative told Nexstar. “It was first introduced in 1991 and shortly afterwards we started selling Mini Rainbow Freeze bars in 1995. Both products were discontinued in 2015, however.”

(Courtesy of Blue Bell)

Blue Bell says it keeps products and flavors in production based on a variety of different factors, including consumer demand, ingredient/supplier availability, and having enough shelf space for all of its items.

Though it’s now been eight years since Rainbow Freeze disappeared, the internet hasn’t forgotten about them.

In July, TikToker kaitmorri66 released a video begging Blue Bell with one request: “Please bring these back!!”

“If I’m not the only one who wants these, let’s make this happen,” she said in the video. “Let’s get on here and be like, [chanting] ‘RAINBOW POPS! RAINBOW POPS! BLUE BELL, WE WANT RAINBOW POPS!'”

And although this 2017 Change.org petition only got 773 of its 1,000-signature goal to “Bring Back Blue Bell Snack Items,” many dedicated fans supported the campaign for the return of not just Rainbow Freeze but Blue Bell’s Fudge Bars and more.

Packaging for Blue Bell’s Mini Rainbows popsicles (Courtesy of Blue Bell)

Coincidentally, just three days before the publication of this article, a thread dedicated to the Rainbow Freeze popped up in the /90s sub reddit.

Blue Bell currently distributes to stores in most of the South, in addition to several Midwest states — though you can order online from anywhere in the U.S.

But what if you’re craving Blue Bell’s rainbow popsicles specifically? Is there ever a chance customers could get a taste again?

It’s not impossible, says a Blue Bell representative.

“We always want to provide our consumers with products they love — so hopefully one day!” Blue Bell told Nexstar in regard to a potential return of the pops. “… Ice cream flavors or products that go in and out of rotation always have a chance of returning!”

What’s more, customers can request flavors and products to Blue Bell Creameries directly.