What Drives You Crazy? Malfunctioning traffic light on Highway 31 in Vestavia

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VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — Lately I’ve received a lot of traffic light complaints. This week we focused in on Highway 31 at Old Creek Trail.

Tommy King sent me the e-mail you see below about the light malfunctioning and severely affecting the northbound traffic flow. This is a main artery to Birmingham, so it’s crucial the lights all stay in sync with one another. After receiving the e-mail, I reached out to the city of Vestavia Hills to see how we could fix the issue.

The city told me they utilize Jefferson County Roads and Transportation signal maintenance on the bulk of the their traffic signals. A Vestavia Hills engineer did go check out this light last week and reached out to Jefferson County about this intersection.

As a part of the citiy’s response, the spokesperson says they are fairly certain the Old Creek Trail light has been repaired and is functioning normally as of now. With all that being said, we are still waiting to hear back from the maintenance group within the county. Once we get an answer we will update you right here.Tommy’s email:

Rachel, I saw your report this morning on the Colonnade traffic light troubles and I have one I think needs attention. There is a light in Vestavia that needs attention. The light at the intersection of Hwy 31 and Old Creek Trail impedes traffic flow every morning during rush hour. It seems to be the only one not synced through that whole stretch. I’ve sat through it 3 times within a minute. It seems to trip every time a car comes out of the neighborhood. I’ve seen it change within 10 secs of the last red. This has been happening at least since summer. It causes traffic to back up northbound past the Vestavia Hills Elementary Central school. It is that light that specifically causes the backup. Traffic flows freely north after that light. Hwy 31 is a major artery through Vestavia and that light badly needs attention. Years ago fiber was supposedly run along Hwy 31 from Homewood to the Interstate 65 intersection so that all those lights could be synced. The county spent a lot of money doing this. I guess someone forgot to hook up a few new lights, when they were added, along the way. It is ironic to me that one of the causes of Birmingham’s air quality troubles is idling traffic but the county does not seem to care about fixing the bad traffic lights that cause the idling. Good traffic flow = cleaner air……. Thanks for you help.

Tommy King Vestavia HillsWhat drives you crazy? Email or message Rachel to have her investigate the issue. 

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