BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Everyone wants to know what’s the key to a loving relationship?

Dr. Kip Laxson, pastor of the United Methodist Church in Birmingham, joined CBS 42’s morning news anchor Andrea Lindenberg to discuss what he believes to be the top five ways to keep and build healthy relationships.

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, Dr. Laxson says it all starts with loving with no strings attached. No if or when, but loving unconditionally.

Second, laughing with each other builds bonding that doesn’t need to be explained. A quick bond over laughter strengthens relationships by opening up in ways that show each others sense of humor.

Third, the Birmingham pastor believes learning from one another can only strengthen relationships as growth never ends. Also, he said we could learn from each other about healthy and meaningful relationships.

Next, always listen to one another. Dr. Laxson said we seem to talk past each other, whether with a significant other or a friend, listening will show the willingness to build upon the relationship.

But with all of those tips, always being able to lean on each other should always be a factor. By knowing someone is there for you can make the smallest, yet the largest impact on relationships.

“In life, there are three great qualities: Faith, Hope, & Love, but the greatest of these is Love,” Dr. Laxson said. “Love gives up faith, faith gives us hope, and love empowers faith and hope in our relationships.


The full Pastor Dr. Kip Laxson interview’s can be watched in the video player’s above.