DECATUR, Ala. (WIAT) — The Southern Ghost Girls are easily recognizable.

They are a team of six female paranormal investigators, decked out in long dresses, elaborate hats, and glitzy jewelry. They’ve gained a social media following, traveling across the Southeast and investigating notorious haunts.

Founder and owner, Lesley Hyde said she had known from a young age that she was different. She said strange things happened to her throughout her life, which made her believe in spirits and angels. She explained that Southern Ghost Girls formed to combine her team’s love of history and the paranormal. They regularly host ghost tours, paranormal investigations, and history walks.

During their events, they allow their guests to use their equipment to see if they can interact with any of the spirits. That includes EMP detectors, spirit boxes, and dowsing rods.

To see how OUR paranormal investigation of Second Read Books and Highpoint Market with the Southern Ghost Girls in Decatur went, watch the video above. To learn more about Southern Ghost Girls, visit their Facebook page or website here.

Watch the full paranormal investigation below:

Southern Ghost Girls’ Halloween Eve paranormal investigation in Decatur

If you attended the event Wednesday in Decatur, and you captured any evidence of paranormal activity, post it to the Southern Ghost Girls Facebook page here.