Drone video courtesy Meteorologist John Oldshue/SoutheasternSky.com

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG/AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott said an apparent tornado in the Pensacola area significantly damaged more than 70 homes and 24 apartments, leaving three people with minor injuries.

“I just thought it was going to be a regular thunderstorm,” says Brittany Boatright, “but, I was wrong.”

Like most folks Tuesday night, the Boatright family watched as the weather approached.

“The warning was up till 8:15 and I was watching the news,” says James Boatright. “At 8:10 and we said we have five more minutes and we can go eat.”

But that didn’t happen, “We were watching as the weather screen showed the red going right past Pensacola,” says Wesley. “We’ll be alright and not a minute after I said that, started losing shingles and feel the pressure drop. So we ran for the hallway.”

“Everybody started screaming get in the hall,” remembers Brittany, “so I ran out there with my dog and it was scary. It was so scary.”

Devastation is all around. Almost every neighbor impacted.

Just down the street, the entire roof is ripped off a neighbor’s home leaving everything exposed all while cables and cords remain neatly in place. The metal track from a garage door impales a car. Trees are snapped, lives uprooted. The Boatright’s know they are luckier than most. “We turned out mighty blessed,” says James “My RV’s not doing very well. The house is doing good.”

They also have a new respect for the power of mother nature. “I’ll go through a hurricane anytime over a tornado,” says Lisa Boatright.