Walker County Sheriff’s Office wishes ‘good morning’ to their older residents

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WALKER COUNTY, Ala (WIAT) — The Walker County Sheriff’s Office is taking a step further by saying two simple words to their older residents, good morning.

About a month ago, the sheriff’s office started their Good Morning Program. Between 8:00 am to 10:00 am every morning, communications officer Shane Harrison calls his list of people who signed up to make sure they’re doing well. The people that sign up are older and live alone.

“I just see how they’re doing, how their day is going. One lady has cancer treatments and I’m just making sure she is getting ready for cancer treatment pretty much every morning, so I speak with her and see how they’re day is going and if they need anything to just to let me know. Most of the time they make the conversation because they’re lonely, you hate to say it. but they are lonely,”said Shane Harrison, communications officer at Walker County Sheriff’s Office.

The program first started when Sheriff Nick Smith was at Cordova Police. That police department still does the good morning program and now Sheriff Smith has brought that to Walker County.

Walker County resident Anna Blake gets a call every morning from the sheriff’s office.

“It’s more security in a way. I mean, when you get to be my age especially, you never know. You kind of get lonely living by yourself,” said Blake.

Right now, three people are signed up but the sheriff’s office hopes word gets out and more people register.

“A lot of these older people don’t have regular contact with people. We’re probably going to be sending Christmas cards out to them because they probably don’t receive a Christmas card. We’ll send a birthday card too just so they know we’re thinking of them because we want to be a part of them as much as they want to be a part of us,” said Harrison.

To sign up, you can go to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office or click here to register online.

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