Walker County residents concerned about the safety of their drinking water

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EMPIRE, Ala (WIAT) – Residents in Walker County are concerned about the safety of their drinking water following a sewage spill into the Mulberry Fork.

Tyson Foods, Inc. reported a sewage leak in the Mulberry Fork from its plant in Hanceville June 8. Carol Jones says since that time, her drinking water has tasted and smelt bad.

“I’ve gotten really nauseous from it,” said Jones. “That’s when I started smelling the water. And I was like oh no I need to stay away from that.”

Jones has since filed complaints with Jasper Water Works and Sewer Board and The Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Jones says her family can not drink the water and it’s getting expensive. 

“It’s emotionally draining, it’s physically draining, and financially draining,’ said Jones. “Because we can not use our water at all. We’re having to buy gallons of water and we cook with it, bathe with it, wash our hair with it, and that’s getting very expensive.” 

Jones has lived on the Mulberry since she was four years old and says the community must come together and demand transparency and answers.

“We want people to know. Especially these big corporations, that we’re not going to take it anymore. We are not going to let them keep dumping into our rivers,” said Jones. “We want transparency, we want answers, and we want our rivers cleaned. Once it’s cleaned, and our rivers are tested by an independent contractor, then we want our rivers restocked.” 

A spokesperson with Jasper Water Works and Sewer Board released a statement in response to community concerns.

CBS 42 reached out to Tyson, but we have not received a response. 

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