WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Staff inside the Walker County Courthouse expressed concerns about the buildings safety, given that it’s been an issue for a long time.

“Every courthouse in the state and every federal building has security. Security at the doors. If they can make it work, I don’t know why we can’t make it work,” Walker County Circuit Court Clerk Susan Odom said.

According Circuit Court Clerk Susan Odom, a robo call went out on Monday from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office about deputies at the courthouse. She says on the call Sheriff Nick Smith asked the public if they believed more deputies were needed at the courthouse. If that’s what people wanted, he says he would have to pull more deputies from patrol to do that.

“But how do you feel about taking…my taking patrol cars from the roads and put them at the courthouse for security?” Odom recalled.

Odom believes everyone should feel safe inside the courthouse at all times.

“So, people can sit here knowing at least they’re not going to get shot. I mean, is that asking for too much?” Odom said.

Sheriff Smith responded to Odom’s concerns about the courthouse.

“When this has been issue for over 20 years, two months before qualifying, I don’t appreciate people making political issues with courthouse security,” Sheriff Smith said.

He says as of now, four deputies at the courthouse is all they can supply. He says one of the major issues with the courthouse is that it’s not handicap accessible. He understands there have been issues with security over the years and they are addressing each issue a phase at a time.

“And once they’re handicap accessible, then all 3 phases will be complete. Then we will have 100% the best security in the state of Alabama,” Sheriff smith said.

“Of fighting crime and fighting drug dealers. Fighting drug traffickers. Fighting thieves and burglars. I can’t take these individuals from the roads that protect the citizens of this county,” Sheriff Smith said.

Odom says she is the glad their are deputies there. She just wants everyone to feel safe.

“This is about the security and well being of every citizen in this county,” Odom said.