BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As we salute those who have served our country this month, volunteers with House Proud and the Home Depot upgraded three veterans homes in the North Pratt neighborhood.

Over 30 volunteers in the North Pratt neighborhood spend time on Friday painting, landscaping and building decks.

Diane Watson has lived in North Pratt for over 40 years. Her husband was a veteran who died in 2005. She says she’s grateful to have the much-needed repairs for her home.

“It’s just hard to find people to work on your house you can’t go through the big companies because they cost too much and I had some handy men but they said they were tried and retiring,” Watson said.

Watson says the work done by House Proud and the Home Depot is a blessing.

“I got a brand new air condition unit they’ve given me a brand new deck, they’re doing landscaping and they’re trimming my home they’re just doing everything they can for me,” Watson said.

Patricia Haley also had work done on her home Friday. She served 12 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard and says this work shows that people care about veterans.

She also feels people should show appreciation to veterans every day.

“A lot of them have that PTSD, a lot of them get divorce when they go overseas and they just need to think about people in general,” Haley said.

Mark Hamilton, district captain for Team Depot, tells me this work is an investment back to those who have fought to keep America safe.

“It’s important to remind people that Veterans Day is not just November 11,” Hamilton said. “It’s 365 days a year, and anytime we can give back to our veteran community is an awesome opportunity for us.”

Lisa Flowers-Jones, executive director for House Proud, says the goal of projects like these is to help keep veterans in their communities.

“They’re on fixed incomes, they don’t have as much money. A lot of our homeowners are widows,” Jones said. “They don’t have the dollars that they used to have and they don’t have the support to get their own repairs done, so we’re trying to do as much work in Birmingham as possible to get more funding to get more people serviced.”