VIDEO: Driver blows past stopped school bus in Alabaster

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Car blows past stopped school bus in Alabaster
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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

ALABASTER (WIAT) — A video has been circulating on social media showing a car drive past a stopped school bus in Alabaster as children were about to get off.

One parent, whose daughter was on the bus, tells CBS 42 that this has been an ongoing problem and that she’s seriously concerned for her child’s safety.

“My daughter was about to get off the bus when that car blew through, and the bus driver stopped her,” explains Rebecca Boothe. “And so she stopped. But had she gotten off the bus she could have been hit. It’s so terrifying.” 

The video surfaces in the midst of a week where officials say that several children have been killed at or near bus stops in Indiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

“That 30 seconds that they have to stop is so inconvenient to them that they would rather chance killing a child,” says Boothe.

One school bus driver says that when the lights come on, you have to stop.

“The bus is fixing to stop and somebody is either going to get on or off,” says Earl Mashburn, who has been driving a school bus for 30 yeas.

Mashburn says that on Wednesday, a very similar incident happened to him.

“I had stopped. My stop sign was out. The kids were still on the bus. But the sign was out and this lady was coming at me,” explains Mashburn. “She was flying. I set out on my horn. She had her phone to her ear. She wasn’t paying attention to what was going on.”

“Just please stop for these buses,” pleads Boothe. “There have been so many kids hit this week. And it’s literally 30 seconds out of your morning that can save a child’s life.”

Boothe would go on to add that she wants to see each school bus equipped with cameras.

The Alabaster Police Department tells CBS 42 that they are aware of the video and will be keeping a closer eye on all school buses to ensure that incidents like these do not persist. 

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