MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Chaos erupted in the Alabama Senate during a debate on a controversial bill to ban abortions.
Democratic Senator Bobby Singleton was furious on the Senate floor after an amendment that would have allowed rape or incest victims to get an abortion was stripped.

“I am standing at the mic, I didn’t even hear the motion even come out of the senator’s mouth before the lieutenant governor started gaveling through, he rushed it through before the man got the motion out of his mouth,” said Sen. Bobby Singleton, D-Greene County. 

Senator Singleton calls the move by the lieutenant governor unfair. According to Senate Pro-Tem Del Marsh, this power belongs to the lieutenant governor.

“I think people maybe had their guard down, maybe didn’t expect a voice vote. He has every right to do that, and that’s what he did,” said Sen. Marsh. 

Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Republican Senator Cam Ward approved the amendments.
“Today, I do not think the process was in which we just tabled that amendment was a fair standpoint of view,” said Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster. 

CBS 42 Reporter Malique Rankin sat down with our political analyst, Steve Flowers. He says legislators are wasting their breath shouting, because this bill won’t hold up in the Supreme Court. 

“The bill is a joke. It’s a waste of time. They should have just passed a resolution. They do this every year,” said Steve Flowers, Political Analyst. “It doesn’t matter if they put rape or incest on this thing. The court is not going to listen to it anyway. All it does it make it more unconstitutional.”

Flowers says he expects it to take just a few weeks for the abortion bill to be overturned if it becomes law. 

Supporters of the bill say the goal is to get it to the Supreme Court and adding rape and incest amendments will weaken it.
“The affect of Rove v. Wade in 1973 was that an unborn child is not a person as referenced in the 14 amendment. There have been over 60 million person deprived of life.”

Lawmakers plan to return Tuesday to take a vote on the partial ban abortion bill.