UPDATE: Kingwood Christian School to close immediately

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

ALABASTER, Ala (WIAT) — Update (5/30): Kingwood Christian School will close operations immediately as of May 30.

Original: The fate is unknown for Kingwood Christian School in Alabaster.   

Parents told CBS 42 they received an email last week from the headmaster that next year’s enrollment numbers are low. School officials have said they’re trying to increase enrollment. 

Despite the disheartening news, parents plan to do whatever it takes to keep the doors open, as the school is home to their kids, they said.

Kingwood Christian School is a K-12 grade school that has been around for around 40 years.  

“This is our family. We’ve been here now for 10 years. She started kindergarten here, and now she’s in ninth grade, so this is family,” said Jennifer Thomas, a parent at Kingwood Christian School.  

Recently, school officials emailed parents about the low number of students enrolled for next year, explaining that they need 60 more students registered by end of the month.  

Amber Mcknight just enrolled her son last month and said she doesn’t want to switch schools.  

“It’s made such a huge difference in him, in his learning, and how he kind of feels about himself and his confidence in learning, so that’s helped him a lot,” said McKnight.  

Headmaster Ruth Gray said in a statement,

Kingwood Christian School is working to increase enrollment. We provide a unique environment where students thrive in smaller class settings and have access to a full range of athletic and fine arts opportunities. KCS, our families, and community members are assisting in our efforts to help students and families discover the difference Kingwood makes.

 “It’s really one big family. You basically know everyone inside and out. Even if you haven’t met them, you know them,” said Katrina Thomas, a freshman at Kingwood Christian School.  

Deborah Bolden, a parent, said she’s collaborated with other parents and is organizing a meet-and-greet with potential future students and parents who want to learn more about Kingwood.  

“Once they’re there, you don’t want them to leave. It’s just a family, total family and so the meet and greet is to reach out to these parents to say meet us, any questions you have we’re happy to answer. We don’t work for the school. We’re not administration. This is totally parents figuring this out,” said Bolden.  

Parents said they’re worried about what they’ll do if the school close but are not jumping to any conclusions just yet.  

“We’re not going down without a fight, but I don’t see this school closing. I honestly feel like I’ve been told by God that this school will stay open and functional for many years to come, and I’m happy about that,” said Bolden.  

The parents’ meet-and-greet will be at Veterans Park at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 19. Anyone interested in learning more about Kingwood Christian School is welcome to come.  

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