University of Alabama parking permit price increase coming in 2019

UPDATE: The University of Alabama will delay implementation of the new parking permits until January 2019.

"Since this new permit caught some by surprise, we will delay implementation of the “evening/weekend only” permit until January 2019 to allow ample time for communication with our campus community," a University of Alabama statement said.


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT)-If you are a University of Alabama student you could be paying to park on campus after hours. That change starts this year and it includes weekends.

Sydney Banks opposes the new rule, but she and thousands of other students will soon have to pay $100 dollars for parking permits to park in the evening and on the weekend.

"I think its kind of ridiculous, because I've never had a parking pass.  Most of the studying I do is at night especially  at the library because I work during the day.  So I don't think they should charge you.  It is very inconvenient because its already limited parking on campus" Banks said.

The one hundred dollar fee is for the entire year.  Students who already have a permit will not have to buy and evening pass.  The new permit is separate from what some students already pay, close to $350 dollars for a commuter pass.

Student April Newman also opposes the new changes.  

"I think its a scam I think parking services is a scam.  I don't understand the incentives of it, our athletics programs being in lot of money.  We have a lot of out of state students that pay more for tuition then in state students so that is a big source of income.  I don't see the need, why charge us more money" Newman said.

According to UA parking services, the reason for the evening and weekend permit is because they felt free parking was being abused by students who were taking up space.

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