The University of Alabama is rolling out a new transportation project with the goal of improving traffic conditions in West Alabama.  16 million dollars in funding is on the table for a partnership with federal, state and local agencies.

Luke Wenzel says he supports the project because he hates traffic problems in Tuscaloosa.  Wenzel is a delivery driver who works thirty hours a week delivering food to customers.

“It can be absolutley horrible, trafffic on 15th street is probably the worst street to drive and Mcfarland too” Wenzel said.

The University of Alabama recieved 16 million dollars for this project. The funding will improve traffic
control systems in west Alabama with modernized technology.  Dr. Alex Hainen says the project will link 
the technology back to a ALDOT traffic controil center on UA’S campus where traffic conditions are monitored.

“This will increase safety by notifying drivers about issues that are out there and also allowing our managers and operators of the transportation network to respond to incidents in a more pro active way” Hainen said.

Hainen is a UA Assistant Professor of civil engineering.  He says the high tech fiber optics technology will help improve safety for drivers.

“The key thing we are getting is major communications network up and going as far as fiber optics on our roads and interstates.  We want to have eyes on the situation to see how traffic is doing and manage it better”.  

Luke Wenzel says if it makes traffic flow better he is with the program.

“Since I work 30 hours a week driving and delivering food for people so its a pretty big deal for me
so amything they can do to help it I would greatly appreciate it.

The UA transportation project starts in three months and will be operational in three years.