BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a game changer for children and adults with disabilities as a United Ability’s Ability Clinic expands, now providing primary care.

Ability Clinic’s general pediatrician, Lynzee Head, tells CBS42 their focus used to be on rehabilitative medicine, but now with primary care added, they are able to incorporate all care in one setting.

United Ability partnered with Cahaba Medical Care to provide these integrated services for children and adults with disabilities along with their families.

Courtesy of United Ability

Dr. Head says their goal in adding primary care to the clinic was to co-locate as many services as possible.

“A vaccine update, maybe a sports physical, maybe they’re going to be participating in a sporting activity at Lakeshore or at their school and they need a sports physical, or some different forms signed- we can get that done on the same day. And maybe they’ve also got a therapy appointment that same day, and then they can go on to that therapy appointment,” Dr. Head said.

She says the partnership they’ve created allows for families to feel inclusion while receiving continuity in care.

“I’ve even seen moms come to tears, you know, just thinking that they have a place, you know, where they can see, and their child can see other people who look like them in the waiting room and that’s really important.”

Especially for Sarah and Harper’s mom, Jessica Little. She says having all of her twins’ treatments under one roof provides peace and confidence for their family.

“Because the professionals here- the doctors, the therapists, the nurses- they have seen it all,” Little said. “So, they can help us navigate a little bit better than perhaps other clinics that might not have that focus.”

Little says United Ability is now like their second home, and they feel confident they will be able to navigate any future diagnosis with multiple forms of care now present in one location.