BIRMNGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — By next spring, UAB officials say they will be able to add about 2,300 additional parking spots in and around campus to accommodate that ever-growing need for people to find a space for school and hospital or clinic visits.

The school has been constructing a $36 million facility across from the Bartow Arena that UAB Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. Brian Burnett said will bring about 1,200 spots come spring 2024.

“We’re looking for ways to creatively put parking into place,” Burnett said. “But candidly it’s a good problem to have.”

Until the lot is constructed, the board of trustees agreed to acquire two new properties that will add about 1,000 spots and comes with leases with the railroad for more parking across the street. With a proposed closing by the end of September, UAB Medicine Enterprise will purchase the 19-story Daniel Building for $16 million on 20th Street South.

With this purchase, Burnett said it will allow certain clinic and hospital operations to move their offices that are not patient focused to allow for more growth. This will add over 300,000 square feet of office space.

“I think it’s going to be a great support facility for our operations for UAB Medicine, most notably, which continues to grow,” Burnett said. “There’s no question parking is always a challenge. I’ll just be candid with you there’s not a college campus that doesn’t have a parking challenge unless they have an enrollment challenge, so we’ll take it.”

CBS 42 caught up with occupational therapy students Laura Brown and Rebekah Magnusson hiking back to their cars after a campus visit.

“I feel like we kind of rush to get to school,” Magnusson said. “We first of all try to beat the traffic, and then after that we get here and if you’re running late sometimes, you might have to risk parking down in the lower lot, so you won’t be late. And then if there’s not enough parking spots, you might want to park in a spot that you’re not supposed to park in.”

Robert Moman works with UAB All of Us Research Program’s recruitment. He said the key is to arrive at campus before 8 a.m.

“It is challenging to find parking after a certain time, but I think things will change,” Moman said. “In the long run it’s going to be a good thing.”

The board of trustees Friday also approved the purchase of a dentist office on 11th Avenue South to acquire all the properties on that block. Burnett said this will add about 20-30 more spots in the area.

UAB announced a temporary road closure last month as it begins the process to demolish the Ice House. Burnett said the plan is to add an additional 50 spaces there.

“We can solve these things,” Burnett said. “We have the land, and we have the wherewithal, and we have the support of our board of trustees to make the investments we need to try and alleviate the parking challenges.”

Officials expect all parking to be open by spring 2024.