BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — While many live productions are put on hold in the entertainment world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some actors are working on their craft using video chat platforms.

Theresa Robbins Dudeck is an improvisation instructor and a former UAB Theatre student who is now teaching improvisation classes using Zoom. She said that while there are certainly challenges being physically apart, there are also benefits. For example, students from around the world are able to perform together, and actors can focus on certain skills.

“Not only self-reflecting on what you’re presenting and how other people read you, but also being able to really read expressions up close,” Dudeck said. “And then work work to bring yourself into their environment and vice versa. So working on your imagination and how you imagine this little space that you’re in differently.” 

Dudeck said improvisation is not just for actors, but for anyone who wants to be more observant and become comfortable with uncertainty.

Her teachings are based on Keith Johnstone’s improv methods.

The UAB alumna will start another round of improv classes in the fall, teaching as a guest faculty member for Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

For more information on Dudeck’s upcoming classes, click here.