UA students speak out about bizarre campus car attack

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — 19-year-old Akeria Lane was charged with attempted murder and is being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

Captain Jack Kennedy of the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit says she used her car to try to run over another woman Wednesday in the parking lot of a dorm on campus at the University of Alabama. The two women allegedly had an altercation over a UA male student.

“After reviewing the video and speaking to witnesses and the suspect, she was charged with attempted murder, and she was trying to drive over one individual,” said Kennedy.

CBS 42 got reaction to what happened. Some UA students say its unbelievable Akeria Lane allegedly tried to kill someone with a car. Steve Pusateri says he is glad nobody was injured.

“We should all be grateful nobody got hurt or killed or anything. I heard she was trying to run someone over especially since she was going after someone and I am glad they are not hurt. But that’s something so ridiculous,” said Pusateri.

UA senior student Ian Reilly says what happened was scary because so many students walk back and forth from classes and pass-through Bryant Hall all the time.

“Part of me is surprised and another part of me is not really surprised, you hear stories about people fighting over girls and guys all the time but it escalates quickly to that but crazy stuff happens. It’s pretty crazy it happened over there, I saw her get in the car and slam into the other one then drives off,” said Reilly.

Police did not identify the male student, but the dormitory houses student athletes including UA football players. Suspect Akeria Lane’s bond was set at $40,000 dollars.

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