TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — There is lots of talk on campus at the University of Alabama about the upcoming HBO Max Documentary that was filmed on campus showcasing Bama Rush.

The documentary gives an inside look at Rush and what goes on as thousands of young women try to join sororities. The video takes a look at tough topics like mental health, eating disorders and racism.

Olivia Gifford graduated from UA Friday and says sorority life was not for her. She has problems with the documentary’s trailer calling the rush process “racist” and not inclusive enough to all young ladies.

“The whole concept of Rush seems outdated and exclusive too much. I think it’s not inclusive enough to everybody,” Gifford said. “I think racist is a strong word but yeah there are some problems with the organization itself.”

Gifford also says rush is superficial and centered on how pretty recruits are.

“I feel like sororities are about looks they try to act like they are about philanthropy and we care about the people in our community but it’s all about looks the way they dress and the way they have to wear makeup,” Gifford said.

Last July, the UA Panhellenic Association announced 2,575 potential new members registered for recruitment.