TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — University of Alabama students are keeping an eye on the war and loss of life in Israel, including members of a Jewish off-campus organization called Chabad.

UA students Kyra Berger and Samantha Sigal are concerned for their loved ones living in the war zone in Israel. Berger says it’s painful to watch the footage on the news and social media.

“We have so many family and friends who live in Israel, and there are so few Jews in this world that every single person is connected,” Berger said. “We are all connected to someone who has been hurt or someone kidnapped or someone who has been killed.”

Samantha Sigal says the brutal attacks on Jewish people are pure evil.

“To me Hamas, these terrorists, are not people. They are monsters. It is hard to put into words, the feelings of anger and sadness we as Jewish people feel each other’s hurt and pain,” Sigal said. “We are one family and one people so to see this happening to our brothers and sisters, even though we are not being hurt physically, we feel their pain.”

Although there has been so much pain and loss, Sigal is calling for peace and love during this uncertain time.

“Even with all the terrible things happening, as Jews, the way we get through this is by spreading more love and that’s what we are doing around the world,” Sigal said.

The mission of the Chabad group is to convey the love and spirit of Judaism to the students at UA. Chabad has over 200 branches on US college campuses around the country.