2 year anniversary of Kat West’s murder, trial expected this year

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CALERA, Ala. (WIAT)– It’s been two years since a Calera woman was found dead outside her suburban home.

Kathleen “Kitty Kat” West was a 42-year-old mother and an adult-themed model on a subscription-only website.


On the morning of January 13, 2018, Calera Police responded to a call from a neighbor who discovered Kat’s body.

According to former reports, investigators found her lying on the ground, a cell phone and a bottle of Lucid Absinthe next to her body.

Court documents say Kat was killed from a strike to the head with a glass bottle.

In February 2018, police arrested her husband, William Jeffery “Jeff” West, and charged him with murder.

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A judge set bail at $500,000. According to Shelby County jail records, Jeff is still imprisoned waiting trial.

The case picked up national attention with Inside Edition running a report on the story.

CBS 42 reached out to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office and learned the trial is expected to take place this year, but we are still waiting to learn an official date.

Jeff’s attorney John Robbins released a statement shortly after Jeff’s arrest in 2018. Court documents show Jeff is pleading not guilty.

In a press conference following the murder, Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley told reporters police knew exactly what happened that night.

Robbins sat down with CBS 42 in 2018 to discuss the case and his client.

CBS 42 reached out to Robbins for a statement ahead of an upcoming 2020 trial, and we are waiting on a response.

Since the 2018 murder, a Facebook group has been created to share theories about what possibly happened to Kat.

Monday morning, one member shared a post in the group recognizing the two year anniversary. Other group members began paying their respects to Kat.

Within the group, members have varying opinions to whether Jeff is innocent or guilty.

Jeff’s father, William West spoke with CBS 42 in 2018 saying he believed Kat fell and hit her head causing her death.

CBS 42 reached out to Jeff’s family in December. His mother, Carolyn West, declined to speak on the case, but say they along with Kat’s mother and father, John and Nancy Martin, visit Jeff frequently and they are concerned about his health.

Kat’s mother, Nancy, shared a Facebook fundraiser after death. The fundraiser is closed, but the message from Nancy remains visible.

The post reads in part: “It seems so impossible for the extreme sadness and grief we feel as the loss of our beautiful daughter Kat to ever diminish or decease, however, the Lord is our hope and our salvation, and he can turn our mourning into comfort. God wants to encourage us and relieve our suffering if we will just go to him at all times. And his word is powerful enough to bring healing and solace even during our darkest hours. “

AlaCourt documents show the last movement on the case that happened in March 2019. The final filed document shows the case is awaiting an available trial cycle.

CBS 42 will update this story as more information about the upcoming trial becomes available.

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