Two men arrested in Tuscaloosa County for robbing and assaulting elderly man

Local News

COTTONDALE, Ala. (WIAT)-Two men are in jail after allegedly assaulting an elderly man and robbing him at his house.  Pedro Sotres and his brother Phillip Sotres were both arrested and charged with Robbery 2nd and Theft of Property 1st. 

A 67 year old victim from Peterson Loop Road was assaulted, robbed of his wallet, and his vehicle stolen this Saturday.  The victim was assaulted as he walked out of his house to go to work.  Neighbor and family friend Mary Montgomery is glad both suspects are in jail.

“They should have to spend life in prison, their should not be any slaps on the wrist none of that.
They need to be punished regardless of their age whether juveniles or adults” Montgomery said.

The victims niece says the brutal attack on her uncle was terrifying.  He had to go the hospital for his injuries but is now at home recovering.

“I was scared out of my mind and now other family members are scared to walk out the door here after that.  This was so scary for him.  They need to be punished, these guys just really need to be dealt with.  They really need to be dealt with”.

Neighbor Mary Montgomery says she has security at both her properties on Peterson Loop Road.  She is hoping beefed up home security will protect her home from crimes like this.

“I have three alarm systems. Big dogs and cameras on both of my properties because I cannot trust
that something like this is not going to happen to me”.

Pedro Sotres and his brother Phillip Sotres have combined bonds of $60,000 on these new charges.  

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