TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Some residents living in the North River Yacht Club subdivision are preparing for possible severe weather Wednesday.  

Nearly one year ago on April 13, 2020, Carol Wilkin’s home sustained serious damages after a tree fell on top of her house.

“The tree fell on our back porch and it was a very large tree and came all the way across the front and when they removed the tree it literally tore off the whole back porch,” Wilkin said.

Wilkin and her husband rode out the tornado in their storm shelter safe room in their basement. They are planning to get inside that safe place if they have to on Wednesday.

“We have lots of retired people live on this street. It was a major thing for a lot of us to go through last April and to go through that again would be horrendous for us right now and it’s very scary,” she said.

Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith says he and his staff are keeping an eye on the potential situation.

“The city is always prepared, and we will have extra crews in and they will come out if we have a tornado or flooding issues to put barricades up and clear roads if needed Tuscaloosa police will be ready and Tuscaloosa fire and rescue will be standing by,” he said.

Chief Smith says he could bring in more staff if necessary.