TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Tuscaloosa police officers are beefing up patrols this weekend on the strip near the University of Alabama campus to keep everyone safe.

Kate Haughton is glad to see more police out on patrol. She is a manager at Innisfree Irish Pub in downtown Tuscaloosa. She is expecting more business Friday night because Carlos Santana is in concert at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre and the Crimson Tide are playing Southern Mississippi Saturday night.

“Any kind of police presence, I am going to appreciate. I think it makes people feel safer and creates a sense of security people normally don’t have if they don’t see police. And hopefully, it will help limit the crowds that grow there and stop loitering that happens,” said Haughton.

Assistant Police Chief Steve Rice tells CBS 42 that officers will be looking for underage drinking and crowds of people who block sidewalks on the strip. Police will also be looking for criminal activity, including people who carry illegal firearms.

“Alcohol and guns don’t mix and we want to enhance everyone’s safety. You have all these people who don’t go into the bars and drink out in their cars or stand on the sidewalk which creates a hazard for everyone. Our primary goal is public safety, and our mission is to keep people safe,” Rice said.

The police special detail is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night on the strip.