TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — In October, two officers with the Tuscaloosa Police Department (TPD) rescued two dogs chained to a fence and suffering “severe emaciation.” Now, the two pups are ready for adoption.

Six weeks ago, Officers Barksdale and Guinn with the TPD were on an unrelated call when they saw two dogs, now named Wowie and Zowie, chained to a fence without food or water.

TPD said the dogs were swarming with flies, severely emaciated and drained of energy. The 2-month-old pups had only a few feet of space to move around in, TPD said.

Now, thanks to the rescue efforts of Officers Barksdale and Guinn, Wowie and Zowie are healthy and ready to be adopted.

TPD said both officers have visited the dogs regularly during their time at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter (TMAS).

Currently, Zowie is with a foster family, while Wowie is at the shelter and available for fostering. Both are around three months old.

Anyone interested in adopting the pups is asked to reach out to TMAS at 205-752-9101.