TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Divers recovered a missing swimmer’s body around 7 p.m. Saturday at Lake Nicol.

According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, officers were called to the lake at 4:54 p.m. A group of friends told police a man jumped in the water and didn’t resurface near “The Cliffs” area, which has 10 to 12-foot drops.

The victim has been identified as Ifeanyi Anyoku, 18, of Post Harcourt, Nigeria, who was enrolled as a student at the University of Alabama. Multiple witnesses say he jumped off a cliff that’s around 10-12 feet high before drowning. There are no indications of foul play.

Elizabeth Herra often swims at the lake with her family and is saddened about his death.

“The whole community is probably sad about this and it’s shocking to hear someone died at Lake Nichol, lots of families come to have a fun day out here,” Herra said. “I am really sorry to this family for their loss. God bless you and prayers to you.”

ALEA Senior Trooper Freddie Ingram says it is a very tragic accident.

“They have cliffs here on the lake where lots of people jump in and it’s against the law to do that but a lot of young people come out here and jump off the cliffs,” Ingram said. “It’s terrible because the family has lost a loving member and the young man came out here to enjoy his day on a Saturday afternoon and it ended in tragedy.”

The TPD, Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue and ALEA’s Marine Patrol Division responded to the scene. Anyone caught jumping from the cliffs can face a $500 fine.