Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter struggles financially

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is struggling financially and also trying to cope with a large volume of pets being cared for at the facility. Thomas Sahm says the shelter is seeing an increase of animals that are injured and need care.

“Unfortunately, in the summertime, we do tend to get lots of injured animals and we got lots of dogs that are hit by cars, and when an animal is hit by a vehicle, they have lacerations and broken bones. And if animals have breaks it can be costly to treat,” said Sahm.

Three weeks ago, a Pitbull dog was abandoned at the shelter. Police say the animal was abused and its collar had become embedded in the dog’s neck. Sahm says these kinds of injuries to animals sadly happens too often and can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 per animal.

“Several weeks ago, we had a dog that was tied to our front door of our intake area. Unfortunately,  the animal had an embedded chain in its neck and the chain had dug into the dog’s neck and we had to take the animal to have it removed by surgery from a veterinarian,” said Sahm.

Sahm tells CBS 42 that sometimes the high intake and quantity of animals can be too great for the shelter to handle. But he is encouraged because the community often steps up to help. After the severe abuse case in May, 80 people donated more than $3000.

“The community helps out anytime we have injured animals come in, and we do a fundraiser, and they help us meet our goals that is big and anything that’s left over we can put it towards the next animal that comes in,” said Sahm.

At any given time, the shelter has between 250 to 300 animals being cared for at the facility.

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