Tuscaloosa mayor signs executive order to conserve water

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Mayor of Tuscaloosa signed an executive order Sunday afternoon urging a majority of their water customers to use less. This is due to a leak in a water line that has reduced the amount of water being pumped out.

City leaders are urging those who live south of the Black Warrior River to reduce their water usage, as they’ve found a leak in the raw water line at the Ed Love Water Treatment facility.

Around 6 a.m. Sunday morning, treatment plant operators noticed some changes in the water coming into the Ed Love Water Treatment plant.

“We had some pressure losses on our raw water pump station and some turbidity issues, as we investigated more it became obvious that most likely we have a leak on our raw water line that comes from the lake to our raw water pump station that pumps water to one of our treatment plants”, said Jarrod Milligan, Infrastructure and Public Services for City of Tuscaloosa.

City leaders discovered the leak in a two-mile radius, but floodwaters from tropical storm Claudette are covering where the pipe runs.

“We’re looking for the problem, it’s just really difficult to access the areas we need to be at to look for the problem. We found one problem but it’s not what’s causing this, but we may find more we just hope we are able to find it before the water leak gets worse,” said Milligan.

Until the leak is resolved, Mayor Walt Maddox signed an executive order asking all water customers south of the Black Warrior River to begin taking steps to conserve water.

“Customers affected by this are prohibited from using irrigation systems, washing vehicles, excluding commercial car washes, equipment structures, sidewalks driveways, paved areas, and other items and areas are prohibited from filling up or replenishing pools, spas, outdoor tubes, fountains, and lakes,” said Mayor Maddox.

“Follow their advice, so if they are saying drink bottled water, we will do more of that for sure and if they’re saying cut down on washing, many washing your animals, we do we will just limit what we do with the water,” said Lea Langunes a Tuscaloosa Resident.

Mayor Maddox says those who live north of Tuscaloosa are not impacted by the executive order.

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