TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa land developer announced plans to build a condominium community along Lake Tuscaloosa Wednesday.

The proposed project is called Hill House and would be located in the North River Yacht Club neighborhood. Developer Andy Turner is hoping the Tuscaloosa City Council will approve it.

“The property is 15 acres. It has a marina, an existing open-air restaurant and the captain’s cabin [which is] the original building at North River yacht club so this was the place that here first and will remain and will be a common area spot,” Turner said.

The project, if approved, would feature 34 residential condominium units that would consist of 22 two-bedroom units, 16 three-bedroom units and four one-bedroom units. The building would also be five stories high.

City Councilman Norman Crow thinks this is a positive project, but he says some neighbors have concerns.

“I think there’s been lots of positive reaction to this development, but I think some people are concerned about the size of the building,” Crow said. “I think most of the concerns I’ve heard are about the boat traffic and safety and the boat slips some think the whole harbor area will be too busy. But I think it’s a good concept that has lots of potential to be a good project.”

The City Council will vote on the project on Aug. 30. If approved, the developer will start construction next March.