Tuscaloosa County preparing for flood threat

Local News

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala (WIAT) — The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency is keeping a close eye on Thursday’s weather.

With the potential of constant rain, EMA director Nick Lolley with Tuscaloosa county said they have several crews stationed around the county ready to respond to an emergency.

He said flooding is their main concern and wants everyone to take it seriously.

“Not only do you put your life in danger, if you have kids, you put the first responder’s life in danger also. If we can keep those calls down, there are other calls going out at the same time and we definitely, as first responders, worry about you, that’s why they’re there but and if you can, take care of yourself. If you have elderly people that live beside you, look out for them. Just don’t put yourself in danger because when you do, you put the first responder’s life in danger that have to come rescue you,” said Lolley.

Lolley said the main threat is to the homes along the river. He asks for the community to report any flooding so crews can place barricades around the road.

“In a flooding situation, this is situation we can handle beforehand. It’s not like a tornado that pops out on us. We see rain coming, we know the warnings and things so just watch out for yourself, your neighbors because your first, the public is first,” said Lolley.


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