Tuscaloosa County cracking down on illegal dumping

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Tuscaloosa County officials are cracking down on people who are dumping trash illegally in Duncanville.

Resident Sonny Turner is tired of seeing so much trash near his house.

“It is terrible, every time we come home there’s more trash being dumped on the sides of the road. Right beside my house yesterday someone dumped 100 tires and its every time we come down this road there are more piles of trash,” Turner said.

All along Indian Creek cut-off road, there is lots of trash. Patrick Branch says it getting out of control, he works for Tuscaloosa County solid waste.

“We are seeing everything from white bags of trash to large pieces of furniture to even stoves you will see out here. And tires are a big thing that is being thrown out lately,” Branch said.

Branch says his department is installing small digital video cameras in different locations all around the county because there is such a big problem with trash dumping.  

“What’s been happening over the years if furniture and trash have been thrown on the side of the road. This is a beautiful county and we don’t want that to happen anymore so we are starting to crackdown using video cameras so we can see who it is on the side of the roads throwing things out.”  

Branch says there are legal places where people can dispose of their trash.

“What we are wanting is for the citizens to use the systems we already have in place through waste management and dumpsites we have around the county to dispose of all their household garbage or furniture and things like that.”

Anyone caught dumping trash illegally faces up to a $ 500.00 dollar fine.


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