Tuscaloosa city leaders address speeding problems

Local News
July 04 2021 12:00 am

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Tuscaloosa is taking steps to help slow down drivers who speed through neighborhoods.

The City Council updated a code that will make it easier to install speed table devices to slow down traffic.

“They are running stop signs and they are racing on this road and it’s really bad on Jug Factory Road,” said Tuscaloosa resident Kawanda Pace.

Pace says her street is notorious for cars who drive too fast on Jug Factory Road. She lives in the Breckenridge neighborhood and wants the city to install speed tables.

“And I have grandkids so I wouldn’t want them to be hurt or anything like that in this area. So they need to put the speed tables back in this area because they were here once before, and they moved them and put the little strips down that aren’t doing anything,” said Pace.

City Council President Kip Tyner says the city updated a code to make it easier to install speed tables in neighborhoods with speeding issues.

“So now if you want a speed table in your neighborhood, the main requirement is you have to have 500 cars a day. Very few neighborhoods have 500 a day, so this, now, will allow that not to be a criteria,” said Tyner.

Tyner says if residents want to request speed tables installed, they should call the city and get signatures of those who want it.

“If someone wants a speed table, they would call 311 or t-dot and say ‘I would like to request speed tables.’ They would send you a petition and you would need to have 70% of your neighborhood sign it,” said Tyner.

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