Tuscaloosa authorities confiscate dozens of illegal firearms

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Dozens of illegal firearms are off the streets in Tuscaloosa thanks to a new crime-fighting effort.  

The Safe Streets Project has led to several arrests as police crackdown on violent crime after two recent murders.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley says 40 guns have been recovered including rifles and handguns. Of those, four were confirmed stolen. The guns were stolen from an auto burglary and from a residence in Tuscaloosa.

“Over the past 17 days, we recovered over 40 firearms. Numerous charges, pistol permits required, felony possession of firearms. A couple of the guns were stolen so we had received stolen property.  We arrested people for warrants and drug-related crimes,” Chief Blankley said.  

In April, two men were murdered after being shot to death at Winston’s gas station in west Tuscaloosa. Police say the shootings were not related. Beulah Baptist pastor David Gay supports the police effort and wants residents to stop the violence.

“It’s always good when the community comes together to work with law enforcement to keep our streets safe. Especially in our community so I applaud them for what they are doing and we just need to continue doing what we are doing,” Gay said.

The police chief wants the public to know that his officers are going after criminals with a vengeance. During the operation, 40 police officers targeted high crime areas in the city including several apartment complexes.

“We are definitely here to protect the public Coronavirus or no coronavirus. We are here working around the clock and we are going to use whatever manpower we need to make sure the streets of Tuscaloosa are as safe as possible,” Chief Blankley said.

More than 60 people were arrested during the police crackdown.


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